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sharp BT-H21U battery 3.6v 2700mAh NiMH

Replacement battery for sharp BT-H21U

Our Price: $16.95
Our Item Number PXV164-2.8
Mfg Item Number: BT-H11U

Availability:: Usually Ships in 24 to 72 Hours
Product Code: PXV164-2.8


Replaces Sharp BT-H21U NiMH battery for digital cameras and camcorders. Our digital camera batteries for Sharp are made with the highest quality parts and are guaranteed to be compatible with your original Sharp equipment. This battery comes with a full one year warranty from Advanced Battery Systems, Inc.

Battery Specifications: 3.6v 2700mAh NiMH battery

Battery Dimensions: 53mm x 55mm x 18mm

Cross Reference:
BB-45, BB-75, BT-N11U, BT-N1U, DR7, NMH1U, SBTN1U, PROV712, PROV714, VL-E33U, VL-E43U, VL-E47U, BB-44, BB-45, BB-50, PRO V712, PRO V714, 58457, BT-H11U, BT-H21U, BT-H22U, BT-H32U, BT-H42U, BT-N11U, BT-N1U, VL-E33, VL-E34, VL-E37, VL-E37U, VL-E39, VL-E39U, VL-E420U, VL-E43, VL-E46, VL-E47, VL-E49, VL-E50, VL-E60, VL-E600, VL-E62, VL-E620, VL-E620U, VL-E62DU, VL-E760, VL-E760U, VL-E765, VL-E77, VL-E78, VL-E78U, VL-E79, VL-E850, VL-E89, VL-E96, VL-E98, VL-E980U, VL-H450, VL-H80DU, VL-H850, VL-H850U, VL-H95, VL-H950U, VL-L133, VL-S1, VL-S1U, VL-S5, VL-S5U, VL-SW50U, BT-H21U, BT-H22U, DR9, CM-6136M, NMH22U, PR-022H, PR-032H, VL-46U, VL-E34U, VL-E49U, VL-E500U, VL-E600U, VL-E650U, VL-E66UVL-E700U, VL-E720U, VL-E750U, VL-E77U, VL-H800U, BT-H32U, BT-H42U, NMH22/32U, VL-A10U, VL-A110U, VL-A111U, VL-AH10U, VL-AH130U, VL-AH131U, VL-AH150U, VL-AH151U, VL-AH160U, VL-AH161U, VL-AH30U, VL-AH50U, VL-AH60U, VL-E610U, VL-E630U, VL-E660U, VL-E665U, VL-E680U, VL-E685U, VL-E765U, VL-E780U, VL-E785U, VL-SE10U, VL-SE20U, VL-SE50U, ERC-570, PXV164-2.8, PXV164-5.6, PXV164-8.4