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panasonic pv-bp15 battery 6v 4000mAh NiMH

Replacement battery for panasonic pv-bp15

Our Price: $36.50
Our Item Number PXV150-4
Mfg Item Number: pv-bp15

Availability:: Usually Ships in 24 to 72 Hours
Product Code: PXV150-4


Replaces Panasonic PV-BP15, PV-BP18, JVC, Sony, GP VD151 and others NiMH battery

for video cameras and comcorders. Our camcorder batteries for Panasonic, Sony, and JVC are made with the highest quality parts and are guaranteed to be compatible with your original video equipment. This battery comes with a full one year warranty from Advanced Battery Systems, Inc.

Battery Specifications: 6v 4000mAh NiMH battery

Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.75 x 1.6 inches

Cross Reference: Akai, Bell and Howell, Blaupunkt, Bosch, Chinon, Curtis Mathes, Daewoo, Emerson, Ferguson, Fisher, Fujix, GE, Goldstar, Graetz, Grundig, HP, Instant, ITT, JC Penney, JVC, Konica/Minolta, Kyocera, Magnavox, Memorex, Mitsubishi, Montgomery Ward, Nikon, Olympus, Optimus, Orion, Panasonic, Pentax, Philco, Philips, Quasar, RCA, Realistic, Ricoh, Samsung, Sanyo, Sears, Sharp, Siemens, Sony, Zenith

Camcorder Model Cross Reference: 7350, JMJ20910, PTV-8100, PTV-877, SCR-750 HiFi, C61, C61 AF, C62, C62 AF, V61, VCC-602, VCC-651, VCC-651 AF, C8-SC96, C8-SC98, VC-1500, VC-1700, FC-900, FV-600, FV-900, FVC-600, FVC-900, GV-600, KB00005, DVM-131, DVM-131X, DVM-210N, DVM-210P, CDR0050, ERB155, VC3500, VC3501, FC-05, FC-06, Video Star F801, FVC-10, FVC-1000, FVC-2000, FVC-30, FVC-4000, FVC-52, FVC-70, FVC-701, FVC-701S, FVC-720, FVC-730, FVC-750, FVC-770, FVC-860, FVC-880, FVC-901, FVC-950, FVC-990, FVC-P10, FVC-P1000, FVC-P2000, FVC-P701, FVC-P720, FVC-P730, FVC-P750, FVC-P770, FVC-P800, FVC-P880, FVC-P9000, FVC-P901, FVC-P950, FVC-P990, FVC-S2, FVP-80320, VDM6, CVC-600, CVT-60, DVT-70, F120SW, F122SW, F20, F60, F60WIDE, F610, F610AF, F615, F615AF, F620, F620AF, F630DE, F650, F650AF, F66, F660, F690, F80, F810, F820, F850, FF120SW, FF122SW, FF60, FF60WIDE, FF66, FG110SW, FG120, FG122SW, FH125SW, FH80, FH80 Hi8, G806-7, G806-7-T, G806-T, G901-T, H122SW, H128SW, H80, HP40 Pro J, M600-AF, M660, M680, M690, M830, M830HR, M860, M880, M890, P40U, P650, P660, P670, P680, P830, P850, V8, V8F-601, V8F-615, V8F-620, V8F-650, XF-60Y, XF-615, XFF-60, XFF-66, XFH-80, XH-80, XM-690, XP-40U, XP-660, 2120, 3020, 9605, 9606, 9608, 9610, 9806, CG-501, CG-504, CG-505, CG-506, CG-515, CG-555, CG-690, CG-691, CG-695, CG-696, CG-697, CG-698, CG-800, CG-805, CG-812, CG-814, CG-815, CG-816, CG-817, CG-818, CG-818A, CG-820, CG-820B, CG-960, GS-E2000M, GS-E200M, GS-E700M, GS-X2, LC-E76M, SS-E2, SK60, LC-125C, LC-125E, LC-125HE, LC-145E, LC-175HE, LC-180HE, LC-225C, LC-230E, LC-230HE, LC-232E, LC-232HE, LC-235E, LC-235HE, LC-240, LC-240E, LC-240HE, LC-255HE, LC-255SC, LC-285HE, LC-310C, LC-330E, LC-335E, LC-345E, LC-355SC, LC-360SC, LC-375HE, S-VS-C75, VS4-8, VS-8000, VS-8000 Hi8, VS-8100, VS-8150, VS-8200, VS-8250, VS-8300, VS-8500, VS-8800, VS-8800 Hi8, VSC-20, VSC-30, VSC-40, VSC-50AF, VSC-55, VSC-60, VSC-60FR, VSC-70, VSC-75, VSC-80, DeskJet 350, Replay Ultra 8mm, VMG-3877, 5503, 5507, 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