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Uniden BT-909 Compatible Cordless Phone Battery

3.6v 720mAh NiMH battery for panasonic KT-3528

Our Price: $12.60
Our Item Number CP3.6-720A
Mfg Item Number: BT-909

Availability:: Usually Ships in 24 to 72 Hours
Product Code: CP3.6-720A


Replacement Uniden BT-909 NiMH battery

for Uniden cordless telephones. Our cordless phone batteries for Uniden are made with the highest quality parts and are guaranteed to be compatible with your original Uniden telephone equipment. This battery comes with a full six month warranty from Advanced Battery Systems, Inc.

Battery Specifications: 3.6v 720mAh NiMH battery

Advantage of NiMH vs. NiCd: longer run time per charge, less memory effect. Click HERE to learn about memory effect.

Cross Reference: Huanyu 3xHYMPAAA600N

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