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Complete Battery Packs for Spectra-Physics Surveying Equipment

  • Our batteries for Spectra-Physics surveying equipment are 100% compatible with your original Spectra-Physics equipment.
  • All of our battery packs for Spectra-Physics survey equipment are made with premium NiCd, NiMH, and Lithium Ion cells.
  • Our batteries for Spectra-Physics total stations, Spectra-Physics data collectors, lasers and handheld computers are assembled in the U.S.A. by hardworking Americans!
  • We use high quality battery cells from Sanyo, FDK, and other reputable cell manufacturers.
  • Our prices for Spectra-Physics surveying equipment batteries are always competitive.
  • Our batteries for Spectra-Physics surveying equipment are backed by our rechargeable battery Warranty!

We have been providing batteries to the surveying industry for over 30 years. Purchasing aftermarket batteries for your Spectra-Physics surveying equipment is smart choice for saving money. Our battery packs for Spectra-Physics total stations, data collectors, lasers and handheld computers are made with the same materials as your original battery. Advanced Battery Systems has the battery knowledge and expertise to provide you with replacement Spectra-Physics batteries at a very reasonable cost.We realize our batteries for Spectra-Physics must be worthy of our reputation. We use only high quality battery cells to make our Spectra-Physics replacement batteries. Many of our Spectra-Physics batteries are assembled right here at our facility in East Bridgewater Massachusetts. We take pride in manufacturing our NiCd, NiMH and Lithium ion battery packs and that's why we back our rechargeable batteries for Spectra-Physics with our standard 12 month warranty. You need batteries that will run your Spectra-Physics equipment as long as possibe, so we make every attempt to manufacture our battery packs with the highest capacity cells available. When it comes to making batteries, dependability is king and price is everything.

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