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Choosing the right battery for your electric shaver is critical. Here at Advanced Battery Systems, we choose to make our razer battery packs only with the highest quality cells. Making gun batteries with high quality cells such as Sanyo ensures that your electric razor runs properly without failure. Many of our NiCd and NiMH shaver batteries are assembled here in the USA.

Always make sure your shaver batteries are fully charged. New shaver batteries should be cycled 3 to 4 times before used in the field in order to achieve maximum capacity. You can expect at least 500 to 1000 charge/discharge cycles with our Sanyo electric shaver packs. NiMH electric razor batteries offer the highest capacity for longer run times and have less memory effect than NiCd razor batteries.

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2.4v 1000mAh NiMH 2xAAA Electric Shaver Battery 2.4v 700mAh NiCd 2xAA Electric Shaver Battery