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 Sealed Lead Acid, AGM and PowerSport Batteries

 offers a wide range of AGM and powersport batteries. PowerSonic AGM (absorbent
 glass mat) batteries are used in many applications including emergency lighting,
 alarm systems, UPS (uninterruptable power supply), toys, motorcycles, atv, scooters,
 wheelchairs, and many other types of electronics. AGM batteries feature valve
 regulated spill proof construction that allows safe operation in any position.
 Powersonic AGM batteries are a
 for transport by ground and air. Powersonic also offers conventional wet lead
 acid batteries, sealed maintenance free batteries, and AGM batteries for motorcycles,
 snowmobiles, jet skis, and all other types of powersport applications. Powersonic's
 line of SLA battery chargers are designed to charge all Sealed Lead and AGM

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