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Your boat demands high cranking power along with deep cycle capability. BatteryPrice offers a great selection of Odyssey and Deka marine batteries that will give you superior performance. Deka marine AGM batteries are made in the U.S.A. and are constructed to military standards. Deka extended marine warranties will give you the relief of knowing that your boat is being powered by the highest quality marine battery available today. Deka marine AGM batteries can be deep cycled and hold their charge longer than conventional batteries when in storage.

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DEKA 24M5 12v 650 MCA Marine RV Group 24 Starting Battery DEKA 24M7 12v 1000 MCA Marine RV Group 24 Starting Battery
DEKA 27M6 12v 1050 MCA Marine RV Group 27 Starting Battery DEKA 8A31DTM 12v AGM Group 31 Marine Battery
DEKA 9A31 12v 925CCA AGM Group 31 Automotive Truck Battery DEKA 9A34M 12v 750CCA AGM Group 34M Marine Battery
DEKA DC24 Group 24 12v 625 MCA Marine RV Deep Cycle DEKA DC27 12v 715 MCA Group 27 Marine RV Deep Cycle Battery
DEKA DC31DT 12v Marine RV Group 31 Deep Cycle Battery