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Lithium Cylindrical Batteries

Lithium cylindrical batteries are used to power devices such as alarm system motion detectors, flashlights, cameras, monitors, computer memory, toys, games, LED lights, and much more. Lithium batteries are usuallly 3v or 3.6v cells which can be used as a single source of power or can be used in multiples to create higher voltages. There are many different lithium chemistries including lithium thionyl chloride and lithium manganese dioxide. Each lithium chemistry has its own characteristics and users should replace batteries with the same chemistry as instructed by device manufacturers. If you prefer brand name lithium batteries, FDK lithium batteries are the highest quality cells available. Our generic lithium batteries are an economical choice for those who know the value in purchasing no name product from a reliable source. Buying lithium batteries online saves you time and money.

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1/2 AA Lithium
AA Lithium AA Lithium with axial leads
3.6v AA Lithium Battery
Our Price: $11.00
AA Lithium with solder pins
CR-1/3N Lithium Primary Battery
CR17450SET Lithium Primary Battery
CR14250SET Lithium Primary Battery
Fedco Part Number CRAA
Our Price: $14.00
Generic L91 AA Lithium Primary Battery Generic L92 AAA Lithium Primary Battery
CR12600SET Lithium Primary Battery