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LG Cell Phone Batteries

  • 100% OEM Compatible with your LG cellular telephone
  • Lithium Ion battery technology
  • Convenient and secure online purchasing
  • Dependable high quality cell phone batteries
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
  • 1 Year Warranty on all LG Cell Phone Replacement Batteries

We stock a wide range of rechargeable batteries for LG phones. Your LG cell phone is part of your everyday life. Successful communications on a cell phone begin with your battery. When purchasing a replacement battery for your LG cellular phone, dependability and price are what we have to offer. We've been supplying reliable, high quality cell phone batteries for over 28 years. Our goal is to provide high quality aftermarket replacement batteries at a very reasonable price. All of our rechargeable Li-Ion cell phone batteries are backed by a one year warranty from Advanced Battery Systems, Inc.

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3.7v 1000mAh Li-Ion battery for LG F9100 3.7v Li-Ion Battery for LG-VX8300
LG BL-44JN Li-Ion Cell Phone Battery LG BL-46CN Replacement Lithium Ion Battery
LG BL-53QH 3.7v Lithium Ion Replacement Battery LG CF360 KS500 KF757 CU720 Shine LGIP-430G Battery
LG COSMOS OCTANE Battery for LG-VN250  LG-VN530 cell phone LG CP150 and AX155 LGIP-431A Battery
LG Fusic LX550 Replacement Cell Phone Battery LG LGIP-430N Cell Phone Battery
LG LGIP-520A Cell Phone Battery LG LGIP-520NV Cell Phone Battery
LG LGIP-A1100 Replacement Cell Phone Battery LG LGIP580NV Cell Phone Battery
LG LGLP-AHLM Cell Phone Battery LG VU TV CU920 Cell Phone Battery
LG VX8700 VX8610 Li-Ion Replacement Battery LG VX8800 Replacement Cell Phone Battery