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JVC BN-V408 battery 7.2v Li-Ion

Replacement battery for jvc bn-v408

Our Price: $18.85
Our Item Number BN-V408
Mfg Item Number: BN-V408U

Availability:: Usually Ships in 24 to 72 Hours
Product Code: BN-V408


Replaces JVC BN-V408 lithium ion battery for JVC digital cameras and camcorders. Our digital camera batteries for JVC are made with the highest quality parts and are guaranteed to be compatible with your original JVC equipment. This battery comes with a full one year warranty from Advanced Battery Systems, Inc.

Battery Specifications: 7.2v 850mAh Lithium Ion battery

Cross Reference: Again and Again CL-408, APS BC1030, Battery Technology (BTI) BTI-JV408, CTA DB-416U, CTA DB-428U, Delkin D/BNV408, empir BLI-192-1.6, Hahnel HL-408, Hama 46815, Hama 46816, Hama CP-815, Hama CP-816, Helios HS-C408, JVC BN-V408, JVC BN-V408-H, JVC BN-V408U, JVC BN-V410U, JVC BTV408K1U, JVC E18311, JVC LY31587-001A, JVC VJV013, JVC VJV013C, JVC VJV013l21C, JVC VJV014, JVC VJV014C, JVC VJV014l21C, JVC VJV014l21D, JVC VJV-V408U, Lenmar LIJ408, Maxell M7215, Maxell M7216, Optex LI47, Rayovac RV5005, Rayovac RV5014, Rayovac RV5015, RCA 005A, RCA 247800, RCA BB-4661, RCA BB-46L, Sakar BP-408CL, Sunpak HL-408S, Sunpak TAI-S1075-01, Thomson BAT-600, Uniross VB101628, RCA CC-9360, RCA CC-9363, RCA CC-9370, RCA CC-9373, JVC GR-D20, JVC GR-D200, JVC GR-D201, JVC GR-D20E, JVC GR-D20EG, JVC GR-D21EK, JVC GR-D22, JVC GR-D220, JVC GR-D23, JVC GR-D230, JVC GR-D30, JVC GR-D30E, JVC GR-D30U, JVC GR-D31EK, JVC GR-D31US, JVC GR-D33, JVC GR-D40, JVC GR-D50, JVC GR-D50E, JVC GR-D53, JVC GR-D60EK, JVC GR-D70, JVC GR-D70E, JVC GR-D70EK, JVC GR-D70U, JVC GR-D72, JVC GR-D72U, JVC GR-D73, JVC GR-D73US, JVC GR-D90 MiniDV, JVC GR-D90US, JVC GR-D91US, JVC GR-D93, JVC GR-DV1800, JVC GR-DV1800EG, JVC GR-DV1800EK, JVC GR-DV2000U, JVC GR-DV3000, JVC GR-DV3000U, JVC GR-DV4000, JVC GR-DV500, JVC GR-DV500E, JVC GR-DV500US, JVC GR-DV700, JVC GR-DV800U, JVC GR-DVF505U, JVC GR-DVL100, JVC GR-DVL100EG, JVC GR-DVL105U, JVC GR-DVL107, JVC GR-DVL107EG, JVC GR-DVL107U, JVC GR-DVL108, JVC GR-DVL120U, JVC GR-DVL145, JVC GR-DVL145EG, JVC GR-DVL150, JVC GR-DVL150EG, JVC GR-DVL150EK, JVC GR-DVL157, JVC GR-DVL157EG, JVC GR-DVL157EK, JVC GR-DVL160, JVC GR-DVL160EG, JVC GR-DVL160EK, JVC GR-DVL166, JVC GR-DVL167, JVC GR-DVL167EG, JVC GR-DVL20, JVC GR-DVL200U, JVC GR-DVL210, JVC GR-DVL210U, JVC GR-DVL220U, JVC GR-DVL257, JVC GR-DVL300, JVC GR-DVL300EG, JVC GR-DVL307U, JVC GR-DVL308, JVC GR-DVL310U, JVC GR-DVL315U, JVC GR-DVL317U, JVC GR-DVL320U, JVC GR-DVL355, JVC GR-DVL357, JVC GR-DVL357EG, JVC GR-DVL357EK, JVC GR-DVL365, JVC GR-DVL365EG, JVC GR-DVL367, JVC GR-DVL367EG, JVC GR-DVL400U, JVC GR-DVL500U, JVC GR-DVL505, JVC GR-DVL505U, JVC GR-DVL507U, JVC GR-DVL510, JVC GR-DVL510U, JVC GR-DVL512, JVC GR-DVL512U, JVC GR-DVL517U, JVC GR-DVL520U, JVC GR-DVL522U, JVC GR-DVL555, JVC GR-DVL557, JVC GR-DVL600U, JVC GR-DVL707U, JVC GR-DVL720U, JVC GR-DVL725U, JVC GR-DVL767, JVC GR-DVL767EG, JVC GR-DVL800U, JVC GR-DVL805, JVC GR-DVL805U, JVC GR-DVL815U, JVC GR-DVL817, JVC GR-DVL820U, JVC GR-DVL822U, JVC GR-DVL867, JVC GR-DVL867EG, JVC GR-DVL915U, JVC GR-DVL920U, JVC GR-DZ7, JVC GR-HD1, JVC GY-DV300U