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Emergency Light Replacement Batteries

Keep your building up to code by replacing your emergency lighting batteries. Most emergency light batteries are 6v or 12v sealed lead acid batteries. BatteryPrice offers a complete line of batteries from PowerSonic, Hawker (Cyclon), and Genesis. AGM (absorbent glass mat) batteries can be mounted in any position. Most SLA batteries for emergency light can be replaced by matching voltage, dimensions, and terminal type. We warranty our AGM batteries for emergency lighting for 12 months. If you cannot identify the battery you need for your lights, please contact us and we will help you find the right one.

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0809-0010 4v 5Ah Lead Acid Battery
PowerSonic PS-12120 Sealed Lead Acid Battery
PowerSonic PS-1229 12v 2.9Ah AGM battery PowerSonic PS-1230 12v 3.4Ah AGM Battery
PowerSonic PS-12350 AGM battery
PowerSonic PS-1250F1 12v 5Ah Lead Acid Battery PS-1250F2  (12v 5Ah Lead Acid Battery)
PowerSonic PS-1251FP replaces HC1217W
PowerSonic PS-1270F1 Sealed Lead Acid Battery PowerSonic PS-1270F2 sealed lead acid battery for UPS
PowerSonic PS-12750 AGM battery
PowerSonic PS-1290 12v 9Ah AGM battery