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Digital Camera Batteries

  • Our aftermarket batteries for digital cameras are guaranteed to be 100% compatible with your original equipment.
  • We use only high quality parts to build our batteries so they are equal to or better than your original battery pack.
  • Our prices are always lower than the brand names.
  • We have replacements for Sony batteries, Canon batteries, Hitachi batteries, JVC batteries, Fuji batteries, Kodak batteries, Yashica batteries, Panasonic batteries, Sharp batteries, Nikon batteries, Minolta batteries, Olympus batteries and many other brands of camcorder and digital camera.
  • If you're not completely satisfied with our digtial camera battery, camcorder battery or battery charger, we'll take the item back and issue a full refund!

Digital cameras, whether old or new, come in many different styles, shapes, and sizes. Each manufacturere has there own style and battery design. Most retail stores will only stock battery models for current or recently sold digital camera models. Here at Batteryprice.com, you will find the newest models as well as most of the older models. Most of the current battery models are made using Lithium Ion technology, while many of the older battery models are made with NiCd batteries or NiMH batteries. When choosing a source for batteries and chargers, it is important to know who you're dealing with. We've been in the battery business for over 30 years. Batteries are our business!

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2CR-1 3N Lithium Primary Battery 6v 160mAh 2CR5 Lithium Primary Battery 6v 1300mAh
AA or AAA battery holder and tester Replacement battery for canon bp-208
Replacement battery for canon BP-2L12 Replacement battery for canon bp-308
Replacement battery for canon bp-315 Replacement battery for canon bp-406
Replacement battery for canon bp-412 Replacement battery for canon bp-422
Replacement battery for canon bp-511 Canon BP-522 Battery 7.4v Li-Ion
Replacement battery for canon bp-535 canon BP-608 Battery 7.4v 900mAh Li-Ion
Replacement battery for canon bp-617 Canon BP-808 Replacement Battery
Canon BP-809 Battery and Charger Combo Replacement battery for canon bp-911
Replacement battery for canon bp-924 Replacement battery for canon bp-941
Canon LP-E10 Compatible Battery Canon LP-E5 Compatible Battery
Canon LP-E6 Compatible Battery Canon LP-E8 Compatible Battery
Canon NB-11L Compatible rechargeable battery Replacement battery for canon nb-1l
Replacement battery for canon nb-1lh Replacement battery for canon NB-2L
Replacement battery for canon NB-2L Replacement battery for canon NB-3L
Replacement battery for canon nb-4l Replacement battery for canon NB-5H
Canon NB-5L Replacement Battery 3.7v Li-Ion Canon NB-6L Replacement Battery 3.7v Li-Ion
Canon NB-7L Compatible rechargeable battery Canon NB-8L Compatible rechargeable battery
Replacement battery for casio np-20 Replacement battery for casio np-30
Replacement battery for casio np-40 CR-P2 Lithium Primary Photo Battery 6v Replaces DL-223 EL-223AP K223LA