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Deep-Cycle Batteries for Marine, UPS and Telecom

Deep-cycle batteries are designed to go through most of their power storage in a single use. Unlike starter or automotive batteries, which are designed to deliver short high-voltage bursts of electricity, deep-cycle batteries are long-lasting and designed to burn through up to 80 percent of their capacity in a single use. These high-capacity batteries are particularly useful when long-term, consistent use is needed, so they’re commonly found in trolling motors, sailboats, electric wheelchairs, solar power storage, traffic lights or signals, sump pumps and audio equipment. Deep-cycle batteries can be matched by their dimension and voltage. The mAh or Ah number is the battery’s capacity and may vary slightly depending on your model. The higher the battery capacity, the longer the run time when fully charged. Our deep-cycle batteries are designed to last and will give superior performance when high power and long reserve minutes are needed. DEKA and Power-Sonic Batteries are leading products to consider when looking for deep-cycle batteries. You can expect dependable power and long life when choosing the right deep-cycle battery for your boat, UPS or telecom application here at BatteryPrice.

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