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Batteries for Cell Phones and Smart Phones

Cellular telephones have become a part of our everyday life. A cell phone can only be as dependable as the battery that powers it. Buying the right cell phone battery can be challenging as there are many vendors to choose from. Smart shoppers buy cell phone batteries online because they know that common cellular stores charge too much for replacement cellular phone batteries. Here at BatteryPrice, we have done our homework by sourcing the highest quality, dependable cell phone batteries. Our reputation depends on our ability to supply long lasting batteries for cell phones.

  • Our aftermarket and OEM cell phone batteries are guaranteed to be 100% compatible with your original equipment.
  • We use only high quality parts that are equal to or better than the original.
  • Our prices for cellular telephone batteries are always lower than the brand names.

All of our rechargeable battery packs for cellular phones are backed by our 1 Year Warranty.

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3.7v 1000mAh Li-Ion battery for LG F9100 3.7v Li-Ion Battery for LG-VX8300
AB483640EZ Li-Ion compatible battery for Samsung Cell Phones Apple iPhone 3G Li-Ion Battery
Apple iPhone 3GS Li-Ion Battery Apple iPhone 4G Li-Ion battery
Apple iPhone 4s Li-Ion battery Apple iPhone 5 Li-Ion battery
Apple iPhone 5C Li-Ion battery Apple iPhone 5s Li-Ion battery
Apple iPhone Li-Ion battery Audiovox BTE-9900 Extended Li-Ion battery
Audiovox BTE-9900 Li-Ion battery Blackberry BAT-14392-001 Battery for Bold Phones
Blackberry Curve C-X2 lithium ion battery Blackberry Curve lithium ion battery
Blackberry E-M1 lithium ion battery Blackberry J-M1 lithium ion battery
Blackberry J-S1 lithium ion battery Blackberry LS1 lithium ion battery for Z10 phone
Blackberry Pearl F-M1 Replacement Battery Blackberry Torch F-S1 Replacement Battery
Blackberry Tour Thunder and  Storm 2 Replacement Battery EB575152VA Li-Ion battery for Samsung Cell Phones
HTC  35H0015203M original phone battery HTC 35H00111-06M original phone battery
HTC 35H00123-26M replacement cell phone battery HTC 35H00134-12M original phone battery
HTC 35H00141-03M original phone battery HTC 35H00142-08M original Thunderbolt cell phone battery
HTC 35H00166-00M original phone battery HTC Kaiser AT&T Tilt Replacement Cell Phone Battery
HTC Wizard WIZA16 Li-Ion Replacement Battery iPhone 5 Cable Lightning to USB Sync and Charge
Replacement Battery for Kyocera TXBAT10009 LG BL-44JN Li-Ion Cell Phone Battery
LG BL-46CN Replacement Lithium Ion Battery LG BL-53QH 3.7v Lithium Ion Replacement Battery
LG CF360 KS500 KF757 CU720 Shine LGIP-430G Battery LG COSMOS OCTANE Battery for LG-VN250  LG-VN530 cell phone