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CR2 Lithium Primary Battery 3v 850mAh

CR2 Lithium Primary Battery 3v 850mAh

Our Price: $2.70
Our Item Number CR2
Mfg Item Number: CR2

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Product Code: CR2


CR2 lithium battery

for digital cameras, flashlights and many other types of electronics. Our CR2 batteries are constructed with the highest quality materials and guaranteed to be compatible with your original equipment requiring CR2 size batteries.

Battery Specifications: 3v 850mAh Primary Lithium battery (non-rechargeable)
Dimensions: Diameter 15.6mm Height 27mm

This 3v lithium CR2 size battey offers exceptional value as a lower cost CR2 style lithium battery with no brand name printed on it.

Cross Reference: CR2, DLCR2, DLCR2B, RLCR2, KCR2, EL1CR2, RLCR2-L, CR-2, 5046LC

Compatible Models: AGFA Futura Auto Focus 2, AGFA Futura Zoom, Bell and Howell Alpha 7, Boots 3000 Advanced, Boots 3000 MZ, Braun Bravo Zoom, Bronica RF645, Canon AF S, Canon AF300, Canon AutoBoy 120, Canon AutoBoy N105, Canon AutoBoy N115, Canon AutoBoy N130, Canon AutoBoy N80, Canon Elph, Canon Elph 2, Canon Elph 260, Canon Elph 270, Canon Elph 370Z, Canon Elph 490z, Canon Elph JR, Canon Elph LT, Canon Elph LT 260, Canon Elph LT260, Canon Elph Shades, Canon Elph Sport, Canon EOS 300, Canon EOS 3000, Canon EOS IV, Canon EOS IX 50, Canon EOS IX Lite, Canon EOS IX Lite APS, Canon EOS IX7, Canon EOS Kiss III, Canon EOS Kiss III L, Canon EOS Rebel 2000, Canon ISUS M-1, Canon ISUX Concept Arancia, Canon IX 240, Canon IXUS AF-S, Canon IXUS AF300, Canon IXUS FF, Canon IXUS FF25, Canon IXUS III, Canon IXUS IX, Canon IXUS L1, Canon IXUS M1, Canon IXUS X1, Canon IXUS Z70, Canon IXUS Z90, Canon IXY 220, Canon Rebel 2000, Canon Sure Shot 115u QD, Canon Sure Shot 130 U, Canon Sure Shot 150u, Canon Sure Shot 90u QD, Canon Sure Shot Classic 120, Canon Z50, Canon Z65, Concord Apex D200, Concord C2001, Concord D-200, Edixa VZ 105, Edixa VZ 120, Edixa VZ 80, Exakta Nova 400, Exakta Nova 410, Exakta Nova 710AF, Fuji 3000ix Zoom MRC, Fuji DL-Super Mini, Fuji Endeavor 100, Fuji Endeavor 100e, Fuji Endeavor 100ix, Fuji Endeavor 1010ix, Fuji Endeavor 101ix, Fuji Endeavor 210ix, Fuji Endeavor 250ix, Fuji Endeavor 265ix, Fuji Endeavor 3000ix, Fuji Endeavor 3500ix, Fuji Endeavor 3500ix Zoom, Fuji Fotonex 100, Fuji Fotonex 1000IX MRC, Fuji Fotonex 1000IX Tiara, Fuji Fotonex 101IX, Fuji Fotonex 20 Auto, Fuji Fotonex 200IX, Fuji Fotonex 210IX, Fuji Fotonex 210IX Zoom, Fuji Fotonex 250, Fuji Fotonex 3000IX Zoom, Fuji Fotonex 3500 IX Zoom MRC, Fuji Fotonex 60AF, Fuji Instax Mini 20, Fuji Nexia 2000ixZ, Fuji Nexia 2000ixZ MRC, Fuji Nexia 220ixZ, Fuji Nexia 230ix, Fuji Nexia 3100ix, Fuji Nexia 3100ixZ MRC, Fuji Nexia 3200ixZ, Fuji Nexia 320ixZ, Fuji Nexia 4100ix, Fuji Nexia 4100ixZ MRC, Fuji Nexia Q1, Fuji Q1 Simply Cool, Fuji Q1 Zoom, Fuji Zoom Date 1300, Fuji Zoom Date 160EZ, Fuji Zoom Date F2.8, Goko AZS-700AF, Goko F25UF, Goko F55AF, Goko Macro Max FR-2200, Goko Macro Max FR-350, Goko MacroMax HMB-135, Hasselblad XPAN, Jazz Alpha 7, Jenoptik JA 11, Jenoptik JA 21, Jenoptik JA 30 PMRC, Jenoptik JA 31, Kodak Advantix 1100, Kodak Advantix 3100 AF, Kodak Advantix 3200 AF, Kodak Advantix 3300 AF, Kodak Advantix 3400 AF, Kodak Advantix 3600 IX, Kodak Advantix 3700 IX, Kodak Advantix 3800 IX, Kodak Advantix 5600 MRX, Kodak Advantix 5800 MRX, Kodak Advantix T500, Kodak Advantix T550, Kodak Advantix T550 AF, Kodak Advantix T700, Konica Dynax 40, Konica Dynax 60, Kyocera Acclaim, Kyocera Acclaim 100, Kyocera Acclaim 200, Kyocera Contax Ts, Kyocera Yashica Acclaim, Kyocera Yashica Acclaim 100, Kyocera Yashica Acclaim 200, Kyocera Yashica Contax Ts, Leica C11, Leica Claasic M3 Digital, Leica Minox CD 25, Leica R9, Minolta Alpha 360si, Minolta Alpha Sweet Black, Minolta Dynax 404si, Minolta Dynax 505si, Minolta Dynax 505si Super, Minolta Maxxum 5, Minolta Maxxum Htsi, Minolta Maxxum Stsi, Minolta Maxxum Xtsi, Minolta RD-3000, Minolta Sweet S 35MM AF, Minolta Vectis 10, Minolta Vectis 100BF, Minolta Vectis 20, Minolta Vectis 200, Minolta Vectis 2000, Minolta Vectis 25, Minolta Vectis 260, Minolta Vectis 30, Minolta Vectis 300, Minolta Vectis 3000, Minolta Vectis 300L, Minolta Vectis 40, Minolta Vectis 4300 Beam, Minolta Vectis G-1, Minolta Vectis G-2, Minolta Vectis G-3, Minolta Vectis G-4, Minolta Vectis GX-1, Minolta Vectis GX-2, Minolta Vectis GX-3, Minolta Vectis GX-4, Minolta Vectis S-1, Minolta Vectis S-100, Minolta Vectis Weathermatic, Minolta Vectis Weathermatic Zoom, Minolta Weathermatic 35, Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 120 ED, Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 90s, Nikon N-65, Nikon N55, Nikon N65, Nikon Nuvia S2000, Nikon Nuvis 200, Nikon Nuvis 300, Nikon Nuvis Mini, Nikon Nuvis Mini I, Nikon Nuvis Pronea, Nikon Nuvis S, Nikon Nuvis S2000, Nikon Nuvis V, Nikon One Touch Zoom 90, Nikon Pronea S, Olympus I 10, Olympus I 100AF, Olympus I Zoom 200 AF, Olympus I Zoom 2000, Olympus I Zoom 3000, Olympus I Zoom 75, Olympus I Zoom 75 Kit, Olympus Zoom 10 AF, Olympus Zoom 100 AF, Olympus Zoom 3000, Olympus Zoom 60, Olympus Zoom 75, Panasonic C-X200Z, Pentax 1LX, Pentax Efina, Pentax Efina AF50, Pentax Efina T, Pentax Elfina J, Pentax Elfina T, Pentax Espio 115, Pentax Espio 115M, Pentax Espio 115MM, Pentax Espio 170SL, Pentax Espio 90MC, Pentax Espio Efina, Pentax IQ Zoom 115G, Pentax IQ Zoom 120 Mi, Pentax IQ Zoom 90MC, Pentax MX-5, Pentax MZ-10, Pentax MZ-3, Pentax MZ-30, Pentax MZ-5, Pentax MZ-50, Pentax MZ-5N, Pentax ZX-30, Pentax ZX-5, Pentax ZX-50, Pentax ZX-5N, Pentax ZX-7, Pentax ZX-M, Polaroid 5500FF, Polaroid 6500AF, Praktica Novex AF, Praktica Novex IX Date AF, Praktica Novex MD, Premier AP200, Premier AP300, Premier AP600, Premier AP700, Prymax APS 3000, Rollei Giro 105, Rollei Giro 28 M, Rollei Giro 70, Rollei Giro 70 WA, Rollei Giro 90, Rollei Nano 50 VP, Rollei Nano 60, Rollei Nano 80, Rollei Nano 80 VP, Rollei Prego 100 WA, Rollei Prego 130 WA, Rollei Prego 145, Rollei Prego 160, Rollei Prego 30, Rollei Prego Micron AF, Rollei Prego Zoom 145 AF, Rollei Q23-5T, Rollei Q23-5T Databac, Rollei QZ35, Rollei QZ35-T, Rollei QZ35-W, Rollei X Zoom 70, Soligor APS Motor Camera SC-125A, Vivitar 520MZ QD, Vivitar XM-1K, Vivitar XM-230, Vivitar XM-500, Vivitar Z248, Vivitar Z350, Vivitar Z385, Voigtlander Virtus Zoom 300, Voigtlander Vitessa 105, Voigtlander Vitessa 70, Voigtlander Vitessa D105, Voigtlander Vitessa D120, Voigtlander Vitessa D140, Voigtlander Vitessa D170, Voigtlander Vito 28-70, Voigtlander Vito 60, Voigtlander Vitolux 28-110, Voigtlander Vitolux 28-90, Voigtlander Vitoret 105, Yashica Acclaim, Yashica Acclaim 100, Yashica Acclaim 200, Yashica Acclaim 65, Yashica Acclaim AF, Yashica Contax G1, Yashica Contax G1 Data Back, Yashica Contax G2, Yashica Contax G2 Data Back, Yashica Contax TIX, Yashica MicroTec Zoom 120, Yashica Socius

Compatible Battery Part Numbers: AGFA CR2, Arc CR2, Bell and Howell CR2, Boots CR2, Braun CR2, Bronica CR2, Canon CR2, Concord CR2, Contax CR2, Edixa CR2, Era CR2, Exakta CR2, Fuji CR2, Goko CR2, IEC CR17355, Jazz CR2, JDR CR2, Kodak CR2, Kodak DL-CR2, Kodak KCR2, Konica CR2, Kyocera CR2, Kyocera Yashica CR2, Leica CR2, Minolta CR2, Nikon CR2, Olympus CR2, Panasonic CR2, Pentax CR2, Prymax CR2, Ricoh CR2, Rollei CR2, Samsung CR2, Sony CR2B, Vivitar CR2, Voigtlander CR2, Yashica CR2