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CR1025 Lithium Primary Battery 3v Pack of 5

CR1025 Lithium Primary Battery 3v Pack of 5

Our Price: $6.95
Our Item Number CR1025-BP-5
Mfg Item Number: CR1025-BP-5

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Product Code: CR1025-BP-5


CR1025 lithium coin battery for personal elecronics. CR1025 lithium button cells are commonly used in car security (car alarm/keyfob batteries), organizer (backup battery for PDA such as Psion etc), glucometer, camera, electric thermometer, calculator, computer equipment (memory backup battery), toys, accutron, communication equipment, electronic watches/clocks, card radios, data pack for video camera.

These CR1025 batteries have a shelf life of 10 + years. Take advantage of our reduced price and make sure you are not left without a watch next time your CR1025 battery runs out.

Battery Specifications: 3v 30mAh lithium manganese dioxide coin battery - Package of 5 batteries

Classification: "Lithium Coin"
Chemical System: Lithium / Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2)
Designation: ANSI-5033LC, IEC-CR1025
Nominal Voltage: 3.0 Volts
Typical Capacity: 30 mAh (to 2.0 volts) (Rated at 68K ohms at 21°C)
Typical Weight: 0.7 grams (0.02 oz.)
Typical Volume: 0.2 cubic centimeters (0.01 cubic inch)
Max Rev Charge: 1 microampere
Energy Density: 124 milliwatt hr/g, 435 milliwatt hr/cc
Typical Li Content: 0.009 grams (0.0003 oz.)
Operating Temp: -30C to 60C
Self Discharge: ~1% / year

Cross Reference: Energizer CR1025, Duracell DL1025, BR1025, KL1025, L1025, ECR1025, KCR1025, E-CR1025, KECR1025, ANSI-5033LC, IEC-CR1025