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BatteryPrice offers Interstate and DEKA automotive wet cell batteries for sale in its retail store only. AGM type automotive batteries can be purchased on our website. Our prices for car batteries are always competitive and we only offer the highest quality batteries for automotive use. As always, Interstate batteries are known for their high quality, superior warranty and great cranking power. Our AGM batteries from DEKA offer our customers the option of shipping high quality batteries anywhere in the continental United States.

DEKA AGM automotive batteries are superior quality batteries offering the highest cranking power available and exceptional warranties. AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) automotive batteries are dry cell batteries which require no acid and are characterized by their no corrosion and longevity. DEKA Intimidator batteries are a great choice for antique cars, race cars, and automobiles with heavy electronic loads. AGM batteries hold their charge longer than traditional wet cell batteries and are made with a higher purity of lead.

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