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Find the Right Home Alarm System Battery

Your home alarm is your last defense for your home against unwanted visitors, so it needs to be in proper working order. As such, it needs to have adequate power to do its job. Many home security systems have backup power in case your home power goes out and those batteries - just like any other - need to be replaced. Most home security systems run on uncommon batteries, so they’re not that easy to find. Luckily, BatteryPrice stocks most alarm system battery cells so you won’t have to worry about not having backup power for your home security. Shop our wide selection of home alarm system batteries below:

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Powersonic PS-6100F1 6v 10Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery
PowerSonic PS-12120 Sealed Lead Acid Battery
PowerSonic PS-1229 12v 2.9Ah AGM battery PowerSonic PS-1230 12v 3.4Ah AGM Battery
PowerSonic PS-12350 AGM battery
PowerSonic PS-1250F1 12v 5Ah Lead Acid Battery PS-1250F2  (12v 5Ah Lead Acid Battery)
PowerSonic PS-1251FP replaces HC1217W
PowerSonic PS-1270F1 Sealed Lead Acid Battery PowerSonic PS-1270F2 sealed lead acid battery for UPS
PowerSonic PS-12750 AGM battery
PowerSonic PS-1290 12v 9Ah AGM battery
Powersonic PS-6100F1 6v 10Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Alarm System Batteries

Replace your alarm system batteries with confidence from BatteryPrice.com. Most alarm batteries can be matched by their dimension and voltage. The mAh or Ah number is battery capacity and may vary slightly. Most home alarm systems use 3/16 inch terminals (T1 or F1). Most alarm system batteries are sealed lead acid batteries, but some may require a NiCd or NiMH battery backup option. Our alarm system batteries are covered by our 1 Year Warranty. We offer chargers for most of these batteries. We offer high quality alarm system batteries from PowerSonic.