AA Rechargeable Battery 700mAh NiCd 1.2v

Economy AA 700mAh NiCd 1.2v


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Our Item Number NIC-AA-700-GP
Mfg Item Number: AA 700 NICD

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Product Code: NIC-AA-700-GP

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Generic AA rechargeable NiCd battery 700mAh

Great economical choice for any device that uses rechargeable AA NiCd batteries. Great for toys, games, electronics, electric shavers, solar lights. This low cost AA battery is a good solution for replacing the batteries in solar solar lights. This lower capacity rechargeable AA may be a better replacement than higher capacity AA batteries that you might find at your local retailer. If you choose a AA rechargeable battery with too high of capacity (mAh), then your batteries may never become fully charged. This will cause the memory effect which can reduce the AA's ability to hold a charge. Be sure to choose a rechargeable AA battery that meets the requirements of your device.

Battery Specifications:

  • voltage 1.2v (nominal)
  • capacity 700mAh NiCd AA battery
  • diameter 14.1mm (0.56 inches)
  • height 50.0mm (1.97 inches)
  • raised positive tip

Cross Reference: Norelco 6886XL Shaver Batteries, solar light battery, sanyo N-700AAC, N-700AAL, UT-AA700-J

NOTE: If you plan to use this battery in a battery assembly, you must request SOLDER TABS