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6 volt Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

We offer chargers for most of these 6 volt batteries, please see product details for each item. Most 6v Lead acid batteries can be matched by their dimension and voltage. The mAh or Ah number is battery capacity and may vary slightly. UPS devices generally use 1/4 inch terminals (T2). Home alarm systems generally use 3/16 inch terminals (T1). Our 6 volt Sealed Lead Acid batteries are covered by our 1 Year Warranty. We stock 6 volt lead acid and AGM batteries from manufacturers such as PowerSonic, Enersys, Genesis, and Gates Hawker. This type of 6 volt battery is common in alarm systems, UPS computer backups power, scooters, toys, and fire systems.

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PowerSonic PS-612 6v 1.4Ah Lead Acid Battery PowerSonic PS-621 6v 2Ah Lead Acid Battery
PowerSonic PS-630 6v 3.0Ah Lead Acid Battery PowerSonic PS-628 6v 2.9Ah Lead Acid Battery
PowerSonic PS-640F 6v 4.5Ah Lead Acid Battery PowerSonic PSH-655FR 6v 5.5Ah AGM Lead Acid Battery
PS-605WL 6v 0.5Ah Lead Acid Battery PowerSonic PS-670F1 SLA battery
Powersonic PS-6100F1 6v 10Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery Powersonic PS-6100F1 6v 10Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Powersonic PS-6100F1 6v 10Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery PowerSonic PS-682F1 6v 9.0 Ah Lead Acid Battery
Genesis NP4-6  6v 4.0Ah Lead Acid Equivalent Battery Original Power Wheels 6v Toddler Battery
PowerSonic PS-6120 6v 12Ah AGM Battery PowerSonic PS-632 6v 3.5Ah Lead Acid Battery
Genesis NP7-6 6v 7Ah Lead Acid Equivalent Battery form BatteryPrice.com Genesis NP10-6A 6v 10Ah Lead Acid Equivalent Battery from BatteryPrice.com
Original 6v Power Wheels Battery by Fisher-Price PowerSonic PS-6200NB 6v 20Ah Lead Acid Battery
PowerSonic PS-6360 6v 36Ah Lead Acid Battery PowerSonic PS-6580 6v 58Ah Lead Acid Battery