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Uniden BP-180 Battery 4.8v Nickel Cadmium

Price Each: $15.95
Sale Price Each: $12.76
Item Number: BP-180
Condition: New
on sale

Replacement for Uniden BP-180 NiCd battery

for Uniden two-way and land mobile radios. Our two-way radio batteries for Uniden are made with the highest quality parts and are guaranteed to be compatible with your original Uniden equipment. This battery comes with a full twelve month warranty from Advanced Battery Systems, Inc.

Battery Specifications: 4.8v 1000mAh NiCd battery

Cross Reference: Uniden BP-1000, BC120, BC-120, BC220, BC-220, BC230, BC-230, BC235, BC-235, BC245, BC-245, BC250D, BC-250D, BC296D, BC-296D, BC120LXT, BC-120LXT, BC235XLT, BC-235XLT, BC245XLT, BC-245XLT, SC150, SC-150, SC180, SC-180, SC200, SC-200, RSPRO90, RS-PRO90, BP120, BP-120, BP180, BP-180, BP250, BP-250, BP1600, BP-1600, Sportcat 200

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