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SR616SW 1.55v Silver Oxide Watch Battery Size 321

Price Each: $2.35
Sale Price Each: $1.88
Item Number: 321 WATCH
Condition: New
on sale

321 size silver oxide battery

for toys and any electronics that use SR616SW watch batteries.

Battery Specifications:

Chemical System: Silver Oxide (Zn/Ag2O)
Nominal Voltage: 1.55 Volts
Typical Capacity: 15 mAh* (to 1.2 volts)
Capacity Test: 94K ohm continuous drain at 21°C
Typical Weight: 0.28 grams (0.01 oz.)
Typical Volume: 0.07 cubic centimeters (0.004 cubic inch)
Impedance (40 Hz): 30 to 40 ohms

Cross Reference: 1174SO, 280-73, 321, 611, D 321, D321, DA, GP321, R 321/38, RW 321, SB-AF/DF, SP321, SR 616 SW, SR616, SR616SW, SR65, V321, Energizer 321

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