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V-Tech 80-5071-00-00 Cordless telephone compatible battery

NiCd Cordless telephone battery Solar Trend
Price Each: $15.70
Item Number: CP3.6-1650D
Condition: New
Usually Ships in 2 Business Days

Replacement V-Tech 80-5071-00-00 NiMH battery

for Uniden, AT&T, Casio, GE, Solar Trand Lights, and Phonemate cordless telephones. Our cordless phone batteries for Uniden are made with the highest quality parts and are guaranteed to be compatible with your original V-tech telephone equipment. This battery comes with a full six month warranty from Advanced Battery Systems, Inc.

Battery Specifications: 3.6v 1650mAh NiMH battery

Cross Reference: GP60AAS3BMJ, TL26506, Solar Trend 3SN-AA120H-S-J1, RADIO SHACK 23-298, 23-9107, 43-1089, 43-1097A, 43-1098, 43-2218, 43-3504, 43-3505, 43-3506, 43-3507, 43-3522, 43-3523, 43-3604, 43-472, 43-689, 43-733, 43-734, 43-9021, 960-1882, 960-2118, CS-90023, CS-90083, ET-1110, ET-3504, ET-3506, ET-3507, ET-689, ET-919, ET-927, ET-928, ER-P240

APS BCP1003 AT&T 3AACA GE 2-6920GE1
AT&T 1000 AT&T 3SN-AA60-S-J1 GE 2-6920P
AT&T 1412 AT&T 80-5071-00-00 GE 2-6920Q
AT&T 1480 AT&T GP60AAS3BMJ GE 2-6921GE1-A
AT&T 2256 AT&T HS8200 GE 2-6922GE1
AT&T 6100 AT&T HS8201 GE 2-6922GE1-Q
AT&T 6200 AT&T HS8211 GE 2-6922GE2
AT&T 8220 AT&T HS8241 GE 2-6928GE1
AT&T 8241 AT&T HS8255 GE 2-6928GE2
AT&T 8243 AT&T HS8270 GE 2-6930GE2
AT&T 9210 AT&T HS8271 GE 2-6938GE1
AT&T 9230 AT&T PCF03 GE 2-6938GE2
AT&T 9257 Casio 3/23AACA GE 2-6955GE1-A
AT&T 9301 Casio CP850 GE 2-6980GE1
AT&T 9307 Casio TC-919 GE 2-6990GE1-A
AT&T 9311 Duracell DRCB18 GE 2-6991GE3-C
AT&T 9312 GE 10990 GE 2-6993GEI
AT&T 9320 GE 13181 GE 2-7938GC1-A
AT&T 9340 GE 14277 GE 3/23AACA
AT&T 9341 GE 20121 Motorola MA300
AT&T 9345 GE 21217 Motorola MA360
AT&T 9350 GE 29252 Motorola MA362
AT&T 9351 GE 32905 Motorola MD451
AT&T 9353 GE 34001 PhoneMate CP0-749
AT&T 9355 GE 34366 PhoneMate CP-749
AT&T 9356 GE 1837203 PhoneMate TC-919
AT&T 9357 GE 1840000 V-Tech 9109
AT&T 9365 GE 2-1002GE2 V-Tech MG2423
AT&T 9370 GE 2-1008GE2 V-Tech MG2463
AT&T 9371 GE 2-1015GE2 V-Tech VT2428
AT&T 9410 GE 2-1095GE2 V-Tech VT2651
AT&T 96506 GE 2-5893GE3 V-Tech VT2656
AT&T 2-6980GE1 GE 2-6920A V-Tech VT2670
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