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Odyssey Batteries

ODYSSEY® Extreme Batteries for Motorcycle, ATV, Watercraft, Marine, and Lawn Tractor

Odyssey Extreme Motorcycle and ATV Batteries
Odyssey Extreme Watercraft - Jet Ski Batteries - Lawn Tractor Batteries

Odyssey FAQ's

Warranty Information

Why use Odyssey?

  • GUARANTEED LONGER SERVICE LIFE With a twelve year military grade design life and a six-to-ten year service life, ODYSSEY® saves you time and money because you do not have to replace the battery as often. ODYSSEY® has the powersport exclusive 2-year full warranty against factory defects or three full years in automotive, commercial and heavy-duty marine.
  • SUPERIOR CRANKING AND FAST CHARGE CAPABILITY The 5 second cranking power of ODYSSEY® batteries is double to triple that of equally sized conventional batteries, even when the temperature is as low as -40°C. Also, with simple constant voltage charging (14.2-15V) (alternator or independent charger), there is no limitation on the in rush current, so the user is assured of fast charge recovery.
  • MOUNTING FLEXIBILITY The ODYSSEY® battery may be installed on its sides at any angle without sacrificing any performance attributes. There is no fear of any acid spillage as ODYSSEY® recycles the internal gas during operation or charging.
  • SUPERIOR VIBRATION RESISTANCE ODYSSEY® batteries are of military grade and have endured rigorous tests that demonstrate their overall ruggedness and exceptional tolerance of mechanical abuse.
  • READY OUT OF THE BOX ODYSSEY® batteries are shipped fully charged. If ODYSSEY'S® voltage is 12.65V or greater simply install the battery in your vehicle and you are ready to go! If below 12.65V, boost charge following the instructions in the ODYSSEY® Owner's Manual.
  • WORRY-FREE SHIPPING The sealed design of the ODYSSEY® battery eliminates the need for a acid vent tube; eliminating the fear of acid burns or damage to expensive chrome or paint. Owing to the Drycell™ design, the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) has classified the ODYSSEY® battery as a dry battery, so it may be shipped worry-free by UPS/Federal Express or by air as non-spillable.
  • LONGER STORAGE LIFE Unlike conventional batteries that need to be recharged every six to twelve weeks the ODYSSEY® battery, when fully charged, can be stored for up to 2 years at 25°C (77°F). Simply recharge and ODYSSEY® is returned to full power. At lower temperatures, storage times will be even longer.
  • DEEP DISCHARGE RECOVERY Should ODYSSEY® become deeply discharged, simply recharge following instructions in the ODYSSEY® Owners Manual.
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