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Rechargeable AA 14500 LiFePO4 Battery

List Price Each: $6.99
Sale Price Each: $2.64
Item Number: LIT-14500P
Condition: New
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14500 3.2v 400mAh rechargeable AA Li-FePO4 Lithium Phosphate battery for Solar Lights

this battery is 9/16 inches in diameter x 1 15/16 inches tall

Great economical choice for any device that uses rechargeable 14500 solar light batteries. This lithium rechargeable battery is a good solution for replacing the batteries in solar solar lights. Rechargeable Solar light batteries eventually lose their ability to store energy and need to be replaced. Our LiFePO4 batteries for Westinghouse and Hampton Bay solar lanterns are fresh off the shelf and will last for up to 1000 cycles. Be sure to replace your rechargeable solar light batteries before they run out of energy. Replacing all of the solar light batteries at the same time is a good idea to keep all lights running at their full potential.

Battery Specifications:

  • voltage 3.2v (nominal)
  • capacity 400mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • diameter 14mm (9/16 inches)
  • height 50mm (1 15/16 inches)
  • Chemistry - Li-FePO4
  • Replaces 14 Lithium Phosphate 3.2v 600mAh Energy Free Lithium Battery
  • Replaces Lithium Phosphate 3.2v 250mAh AA batteries

Cross Reference: LFP-14505-600, IFR 14500P, AA LifePO4, 14500, solar light, 3.2v aa, lithium phosphate, rechargeable, LP-250mAh-AA, Alpan

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