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L91-GP Lithium Primary Battery AA size 1.5v

Generic L91 AA Lithium Primary Battery
List Price Each: $4.89
Sale Price Each: $1.70
Item Number: L91-GP
Condition: New
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Generic L91-GP AA Lithium battery for digital cameras, flashlights and many other types of electronics. Our generic (no name) AA lithium batteries are constructed with the highest quality materials and guaranteed to be compatible with your original equipment requiring AA size batteries.

Battery Specifications: 1.5v 2900mAh (to 0.8v per cell) Primary Lithium (Li/FeS2) battery (non-rechargeable)

Cross Reference: Energizer L91, AA, E91, EN91, LR06, 15LF, FR6, 15-LF

  • Lithium takes up to 630 pictures while leading ordinary alkaline only takes up to 90 pictures
  • Weighs 1/3 less than standard alkaline batteries
  • Performs in even the most extreme temperatures from -40 to 140 degrees F
  • 15-year shelf life


  • Direct Compatibility - can be used in any application using primary 1.5 volt battery types AA.
  • Longer service than other primary battery types, especially in moderate to heavy drain applications.
  • Even greater service advantage over other primary battery types at low temperatures.
  • Works at low temperature extremes where other types will not.
  • Higher operating voltage and flatter discharge curve than other primary battery types.
  • Superior leakage resistance compared to other primary battery types.
  • Excellent performance even after 15 year storage at ambient conditions.
  • Considerably lighter than other battery types.
  • Good Service maintenance after high temperature storage.
  • No added mercury, cadmium, or lead.
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