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Genesis NP7-6 6v 7Ah Lead Acid Equivalent Battery form

NP7-6  6v 7Ah Lead Acid Battery
List Price Each: $20.75
Price Each: $19.05
Item Number: PS-670F1
Condition: New

Gensis NP7-6 Sealed Lead Acid battery.

Our Sealed Lead Acid batteries are made with the highest quality parts and are guaranteed to be compatible with your original equipment. VRLA batteries are used for many different applications including medical devices, emergency lighting, mobility, security, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). This NP7-6 battery from Gensis (Enersys) comes with a full one year warranty from Advanced Battery Systems, Inc.

Battery Specifications:

Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery (VRLA) - Non-spillable, No acid filling
Voltage: 6v
Capacity at 20HR: 7Ah
Terminal Type: 3/16" Fast-On
Approx. Weight: 2.85 lbs
Maximum Charge Current: 1.5A
Dimensions: 5.94" x 1.34" x 3.70"
Dimensions: 151mm x 34mm x 94mm

Cross Reference: Genesis NP7-6, BB Battery BP7-6, Panasonic LC-RB066R5P(a), LCR6V6.5BP, LC-R067RP(a), LCR6V7.2P, PowerSonic PS-670, NP6-6, ERB0606

NOTE: We may substitute NP7-6 with BP7-6 or PS-670F1


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