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Rebuilding Batteries

Please Click HERE for our Surveying Instrument Battery Rebuild Service

Some rechargeable batteries can be rebuilt to perform like new. Chemistries we can work with include: NiCd, NiMH, and Sealed Lead Acid. Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the rebuild. This service may require you to send the battery to us for evaluation. In some instances, you may only need a battery insert so you can rebuild your own battery, in which case you will need to supply a very detailed description or drawing of what you need, and would require you to properly connect the insert inside your battery housing or device.

There is no guarantee that we can rebuild your battery, and our warranty does not cover this rebuild service due to the uncertainty of the proper operation of your system. There is no return or refund for this service. We recommend trying to find a complete battery for your equipment before resorting to the rebuild service. This service is aimed at supplying our customers with a rejuvenated power source for obsolete equipment. For surveying equipment battery rebuilding, we will direct you to one of our qualified survey equipment dealers.

Please contact us regarding this service. You will need a return material authorization number (RMA#) in order to send your battery to us. No prices will be quoted unless we can clearly identify what you need. For your reference, below is a diagram of standard battery pack configurations we can make. Any variations of these configurations are also possible.


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