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Optimate3 12v Motorcycle ATV Vehicle smart Battery Charger and Maintainer

12v Lead Acid Batttery Charger Maintainer Powersonic Battery Sitter
Price Each: $49.99
Sale Price Each: $42.49
Item Number: batterysitter
Condition: New
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Battery Sitter: Battery Optimizer and maintainer for 12v batteries

Maintaining your motorcycle, atv, snowmobile or jet ski battery was never easier. Has your battery been sitting too long? Does your battery have low voltage or low cranking Amps? Did you forget to maintain your battery over the nonuse months? It may not be too late. The Battery Sitter is the most advanced fully automatic battery optimizer and maintainer for all 12V Lead Acid batteries. This includes both dry-charged (MF) and sealed (WET) maintenance free types. This battery charger may also be used with SLA batteries such as alarm system batteries, UPS batteries, emergency lighting batteries and scooter batteries.

Battery Charger Specifications:

  • Diagnoses, Desulfates, Charges, Tests and Maintains!
  • One Unit for Conventional, AGM and Gel Type Batteries!
  • Designed to Work on all 12 Volt Batteries, 2.5-32 Amps!
  • Slow Charges to 600 mA, Avoiding Damage to Battery!
  • Maintains your battery automatically for months
  • 100% Automatic and Safe
  • Input: 110-120VAC 0.2A max.
  • Output: 0.6A 9W max.

Battery Charger Benefits:

  • Full 2 Year Manufacturer's battery charger warranty
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • OEM Battery Compatible
  • Your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

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