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A625 1.5v Alkaline Battery

Price Each: $3.99
Item Number: A625
Condition: New

1.5 volt A625 Alkaline battery

for smoke detectors, gun sights, pet containment, cameras, movie cameras, meters, dog collars, remote controls, toys, pagers, and any personal electronics that use 6v alkaline batteries.

Battery Specifications: 1.5v alkaline battery

Cross Reference: A625, L1560, PX625, L1560, PX625A, 625A, MR9P, LR9, KA625, R625, Energizer E625G, V625U, MR9, MR09, EPX625, RPX625, KX615, HD1560, 1124MP, RM-625R, E625N, HG-625R, 4370, 4371, V13PX, EPX13, V625PX, HD625, PN625, RM625, 4625, 625, H1560, M01, M20, 8930

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