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3 pin battery for PC board - memory clock 3.6v 80mAh NiMH

3 pin battery for PC board - memory/clock
Price Each: $16.35
Sale Price Each: $13.08
Item Number: PLB430/PC3
Condition: New
on sale

Replacement Clock / Memory battery for computers and other electronics. Our memory batteries for computers are made with the highest quality parts and are guaranteed to be compatible with your original equipment.

Battery Specifications: 3.6v 80mAh NiMH battery with 3 pins for circuit board mounting

Advantage of NiMH vs. NiCd: longer run time per charge, less memory effect. Click HERE to learn about memory effect.

Cross Reference: 3/V60R-PC3, 3/V70H-PC3, 3/V80H-PC3, GP80BVHX3, GP80BVH3A3H


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Product Specifications (GP80BVHX3.pdf)
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